Joseph Beuys / TRANSFORMER
Celebrating 25 Years of TRANSFORMER 2 DVDs and The Film Transcript on CD
Includes the Original Joseph Beuys/ Transformer (1 hour)
and, a New, 61 min. never-before-seen interviews and scenes:
Beuys’ collaborators express strong opinions about his work and ideas. And the 1970’s Art World braces for one of the most spectacular events in the history of Contemporary Art. Their mood is real and contagious.

2 DVDs

2 DVDs

In TRANSFORMER (60 min.) one of the greatest legends of contemporary art, avant-garde German artist Joseph Beuys, speaks in great depth for the first and last time, about his unique sculpture and actions. Filmed on location at his spectacular 1979 New York Guggenheim Museum exhibition, Beuys leads the viewer through a private tour of his personal life and its relationship to his controversial works, aesthetic and political theories and actions. We experience how his life changed when the Russians shot down his German fighter plane during World War II and hear his philosophy and candid opinions about mankind, ecology and the state of the world. In the documentary, Beuys takes film director John Halpern on a journey through his artworks, as he personally installs and narrates the most complete and intricate assembly of his work to date before the camera. Beuys’ unique statements and intimate thoughts about his life and work form a highly unusual, compelling and dynamic portrait.

Joseph Beuys / TRANSFORMER
Director/Producer: John Halpern
Original Score: Michael Galasso
Video Design Concept: Les Levine

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"Halpern adapted Video Technology to Beuys' Theories on Aesthetics, Politics and Spirituality to Create a Sensational Visual Adventure." ~ Dr. Harold Szeemann, Director, Venice Biennale

“This Documentary Captures the World of an Artist at the Pinnacle of His Fame.” ~ Forrest Spencer, N.Y. Times All Movie Guide, 2007

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